Having An Intimate Relationship With Jesus

As humans there is a hole in our inner beings, our souls which cannot be filled with things or even people. Nothing and no one would be able to fill that “hole” within us except Jesus. One of the best relationships we can have in life is a relationship with Jesus. He understands us better than anyone else.

Jesus has got everything that we need and He will definitely fill that hole that I am talking about it.

As humans we try to fill our holes with earthly things like alcohol, drugs, hobbies etc. We all long for just that something. Knowing what that is that we are longing for is most of the time a puzzle to the human mind. Jesus wants to have an intimate relationship with you! Only Jesus could fill up that hole. Only Jesus!

We are fooling ourselves trying to do life without Jesus and His grace. There is absolutely nothing that can separate you from His love. The sooner we realise that we need Jesus the sooner He can start working in our lives.

Jesus paid it all JUST so that we could have a relationship with Him! He died for all knowing that some people might never have a relationship with Him, yet He still died for EVERYONE! Invite Him in your everyday life. He doesn’t care about your life in church. Jesus cares about everything! Big or small.

Once you do life with Him and have an intimate relationship with Him you will NOT regret it.  There is no other like Jesus.  Jesus can and will satisfy our souls.

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life – John 14:6

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